Shine Polymer is a leading polymer additives manufacturer, specializing in the development and production of high-value plastic additives that increase the performance and functionality of plastics. Our polymer additives solutions optimize extrusion processes, enhance physical and optical properties, and deliver better thermal resistance. From plastics and rubber to electronic chemicals, our polymer additives are used in a wide industries.

Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent is encapsulated PTFE polymer additive made with optimized fluoropolymer resin through patented in situ polymerization. The optimized shell material of Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent offers excellent dispersion in various thermoplastics, allowing for the production of high-quality molded parts, such as PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP, and alloys.

Rheopoly® Polymer Processing Aid is a series of fluoropolymer-based processing aids. It can improve the thermoplastic extrusion process, especially in low MI liner polyolefin (LLDPE, HDPE, and m-PE). Rheopoly® PPA, our innovative plastic additives, unlock smoother, faster thermoplastic extrusion. This polymer additive can make low MI materials like LLDPE flow effortlessly, increasing your efficiency and minimizing waste.

Shinepoly® Impact modifier is a series of core-shell structure modifiers & polymer additives developed for the impact modification of engineering plastics. It includes ACR Impact modifier and ASA powder. By appropriately selecting Shinepoly® Impact modifier, it offers superior performance in impact modification at room and low temperatures, weatherability, with a minor effect on heat distortion temperature and flow ability.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2003, Shine Polymer, a leading polymer additives manufacturer dedicates itself to developing and manufacturing high-value polymer additives, particularly for use in plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals. Through our polymer additives manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, we deliver a diverse range of polymer additives solutions, including impact modifiers (14,000 MT/year), anti-dripping agents (3,000 MT/year), and polymer processing aids (2,000 MT/year). As an ISO9001-certified high-tech enterprise, Shine Polymer is  continuously innovating in the field of polymer additives.

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As a professional polymer additives manufacturer, we specialize in delivering high quality polymer additives solutions. Our Shinepoly® series offers advanced polymer additives for engineering plastics. The Rheopoly® series provides fluoropolymer-based processing aids, optimizing polyolefin extrusion for improved efficiency. Additionally, our Shinecare® series is additives for the health and body care industry. Widely applied in plastics, health and body care products, adhesive, and electronic chemicals, our polymer additives and plastic additives can be widely used across diverse industries.

Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent is encapsulated PTFE made with optimized fluoropolymer resin and through patented in situ polymerization. Optimized shell material of shinepoly anti-dripping agent offers excellent dispersion in various thermoplastic to make high quality molded parts, such as PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP and alloys.
Polymer Processing Aid for thermoplastic extrusion. Rheopoly®PPA are series of fluoropolymer based processing aids. It can improve the process of thermoplastic extrusion, especially in low MI liner polyolefin (LLDPE, HDPE and m-PE).

Shinepoly® ASA is widely used in automotive materials. is recommended for use in high gloss PC/ASA, PMMA/ASA and ASA. It is targeted for use in painted automotive applications, electrical/electronic components, appliances, business machines, lawn and garden equipment, and recreational vehicles where a good balance of physical properties and colorabilityare important.

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