Anti-dripping Agent


The anti-dripping agent is a series of chemically modified PTFE granular, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene powder, which is a cutting-edge material, offering significant benefits in the engineering plastics and plastic modification industries. Compared with virgin PTFE, the melt strength and flexural modulus will be increased as well. Shinepoly®Anti-dripping agent has excellent dispersibility and easy handling features. It is recommended for use in all thermoplastics especially applicable to PC, PS, ABS, PBT, and PPO, and their alloys need anti-dripping properties.

High-quality PTFE Powder – Shinepoly®

One of the notable features of our anti-dripping agent is the incorporation of Shinepoly®, our brand-name anti-dripping agent. This agent can prevent the dripping phenomenon that often happens in polymers during combustion. By helping materials meet UL94 testing requirements, which set the flammability standards for materials used in electrical devices and appliances, our anti-dripping agent enhances performance but also increases the safety of polymers in various applications.

The anti-dripping and flame retardant properties of this PTFE powder are widely recognized in the plastics engineering and modification sectors. These properties of polytetrafluoroethylene powder are particularly significant for products that must comply with tough flammability tests like the UL94 V0 standards, which apply to thermoplastics and plastic alloys used in items such as home appliances, electrical equipment, and electronic devices.

By using our anti-dripping agent in your materials, manufacturers can significantly enhance the safety, functionality, and visual appeal of their products, making them a valuable addition to a wide range of applications.

Our Anti-dripping Agent’s Features

Flame Retardancy: Crucial for meeting flammability standards.

Excellent dispersibility: Anti-dripping agent has excellent dispersibility and easy handling features. It is not easy to be agglomerated at room temperature. The parts molded with Shinepoly®anti-dripping agent have a smooth surface with fewer gels and knitlines.

High Production Capacity of Anti-dripping Agent

We maintain a high-volume production capacity, with the ability to produce 3,000 tons of anti-dripping agents per year.

Professional Supplier of Anti-dripping Agent Globally

With over 20 years of anti-dripping agent manufacturing experience, we have expanded our reach to over 40 countries providing high-quality polymer additives.

If you want to enhance the safety and quality of your products with our anti-dripping agent, connect with us and join our network of 1,000+ satisfied customers and businesses worldwide.

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