Polymer Processing Aid


Shine Polymer offers cutting-edge polymer processing aids and additives for polymers. Our specially formulated products, including advanced fluoropolymer additives, are designed to increase the polymer processing efficiency significantly.

Function of Our Polymer Processing Aids:

  • Reduce shear stress to eliminate melt fracture.
  • Alleviate die buildup.
  • Improve processability of low MI resins.
  • Reduce gel counts.
  • Reduce die pressure.
  • Improve pigment dispersion.
  • Shorten color change.
  • Improve surface gloss of extrudates.

Mechanism of Our Polymer Processing Aids:

  • C_F bond has low surface energy.
  • PPA particles exist as immiscible parts in non-fluorinated resin melts.
  • PPA particles migrate to the metal die wall and form a dynamic coating.
  • A blunt flow is not easy to cause melt fracture and the coating avoids the agglomeration and decomposition of fillers, resins, and other additives on the die wall.

What sets us apart?

Stability and Quality

Shine Polymer manufactures advanced additives for polymers, including specialized formulations with fluoropolymer additives, that are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Competitive pricing and Supply

Our polymer processing aid not only features competitive pricing but also ample production capacity, producing 2500 MT/year. we guarantee a steady supply of additives for polymers.

Excellent After-Sales

Other than production, we provide outstanding after-sales support. From raw material analysis to on-site guidance, we specialize in tailored solutions for your advanced fluoropolymer additives for polymer processing needs.

We have been delivering high-quality additives for polymers, including specialized fluoropolymer additives since our establishment, and have become the industry-leading supplier worldwide. Get your free quote and increase your polymer processing with Shine Polymer today.

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