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The core-shell structure impact modifier Shinepoly® can effectively improve the impact strength, low-temperature impact resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance of polymers, with the advantage of enhancing processing performance. Low-temperature-resistant ACR can be applied to electrical/electronic components, household appliances, and more. It is easy to process, exhibits good thermal stability, and balances low-temperature impact and physical properties.

We have the capacity to manufacture impact modifiers at 14,000 MT/year. Please feel free to request a free quote and consultation for your needs. We’re here to help.

Shinepoly Impact Modifier for Polymers & Plastics

In the field of polymeric materials, plastics occupy an important position because of their versatility and adaptability. The flexibility of plastics makes them useful for many fields, but their brittleness makes them unsuitable for applications like car bumpers, where toughness is crucial.

This is where impact modifiers, a class of specialized additives are used, empowering plastics with exceptional resilience and toughness, significantly expanding their horizons of application.

Key features of Impact Modifiers

  • Better Impact Resistance: impact modifiers for polymers act as potent energy shields, absorbing the force of the blow and preventing the propagation of cracks, thus extending the lifespan and safeguarding the integrity of your plastic products.
  • Toughness: Impact modifiers give plastics the ability to resist deformation and tearing, making them ideal for high-wear environments encountered in industrial components, sporting equipment, and even automotive parts.
  • Great weatherability: Rain, wind, and extreme temperatures are no big deal when impact modifiers are applied. They enhance the weatherability of plastics, ensuring their steadfastness in outdoor applications like building materials and agricultural equipment, where long-term resilience is crucial.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Impact modifiers can save you significant expenses. Their ability to enhance the performance of less expensive base resins makes them an economic-friendly choice, offering optimal value without compromising quality.
  • By strategically aligning the unique strengths of specific impact modifier types with your desired properties, you can unlock the true potential of your plastic creations.

Impact Modifiers for PVC:  

Specifically designed to address the inherent brittleness of PVC, these impact modifiers significantly enhance its impact resistance and toughness, making it suitable for applications like piping and window profiles.

ABS Impact Modifiers

Widely used in automotive parts and household appliances, ABS impact modifiers combine the inherent strength of ABS with improved impact resistance and toughness, providing a robust and reliable material solution.

Our line of impact modifier additive

ACR Impact Modifier and ASA Powder:

ACR, an acronym for Acrylic Core-Shell Impact Modifier, is a recently developed type of impact modifier for polymers. It’s composed of an acrylic ester rubber core and a methyl methacrylate shell. The rubber core provides excellent elasticity and toughness, while the shell contributes good processing ability and weatherability.

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