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Founded in 2003, Shine Polymer, a leading polymer additives company, dedicates itself to developing and manufacturing high-value polymer products, particularly for use in plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals. Through our polymer additives manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, we deliver a diverse range of polymer additives manufacturing solutions, including impact modifiers (14,000 MT/year), anti-dripping agents (3,000 MT/year), and polymer processing aids (2,000 MT/year). As an ISO9001-certified high-tech enterprise, Shine Polymer is  continuously innovating in the field of polymer additives.

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About Shine Polymer

Our Team

At Shine Polymer, a leading polymer additives company, we leverage the expertise of our experienced polymer scientists and engineers to excel in polymer additives manufacturing. We’re dedicated to providing matching materials and relevant services for hi-tech products, consistently striving for quality as evidenced by our ISO9001 and SGS certifications and active focus on lean management principles. Our core R&D team, equipped with modern enterprise philosophies, crafts innovative polymer additives under the Shine Polymer brand, supported by robust, scientific, and standardized management and control systems.

We cultivate a thriving learning organization through continuous skill development programs and employee-driven initiatives, ensuring our workforce stays at the forefront of polymer additives manufacturing advancements. As we expand, we continuously refine our management and quality systems to optimize efficiency and minimize costs, maintaining our competitive edge in the polymer additives company field.

Our Products

Through innovative polymer additives manufacturing, Shine Polymer specializes in the manufacturing of a diverse range of high-performance polymer additives. Our flagship brands include Shinepoly® for engineering plastics, Rheopoly® for enhanced polyolefin extrusion, and Shinecare® for health and body care applications. These innovative polymer additives improve performance and functionality in applications across industries like plastic, healthcare, adhesives, and electronics.

Our Responsibility

Cutting-edge polymer additives manufacturing technology at Shine Polymer not only delivers high-performance solutions but also prioritizes environment protection and sustainability. We actively champion the ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification, constantly innovating to develop eco-friendly additives that minimize waste and energy consumption while maximizing product performance. We keep obvious competitive advantages in the aspects of  polymer additives manufacturing and product quality with eye-catching achievements in the aspects of environment protection and energy saving, which ensures the development track with virtuous circle of the enterprise. When enjoying prosperity, Shine Polymer is also pursuing the harmonious development with the environment because we believe that it is the guarantee for the long term development of the enterprise to protect the common home of human.

R & D

Continuously promoting and implementing the technological innovation strategy, elevating technological innovation capabilities, and commercializing high-tech products, Shine Polymer, as a leading polymer additives company, has so far invested $2+ million into its R&D center. We employ cutting-edge scientific research equipment to drive creative innovation and have established strong technical teams specializing in polymer additives manufacturing. Shine Polymer actively collaborates with numerous reputable scientific research institutions and higher learning institutions, both domestically and internationally, to jointly conduct technical research and commercialize new polymer additives products.

Production Bases

In 2022 alone, Shine Polymer invested $45+ million to build our 1st phase Functional Polymer Production site in the Petrochemical Zone of Zhuhai Gaolan Port, which is now in operation. This highly automated production plant is fully equipped with advanced production lines, safe & eco-friendly manufacturing, precise process control, and multilevel 3-D storage. Shine Polymer has injected the concept of lean production in the management process to further improve polymer additives manufacturing efficiency and product stability.


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