Polymer Processing Aid: The Secret Condiment for Quality Plastics

Polymer processing aids are specialty additives used in thermoplastic manufacturing. They help optimize production and enhance the overall quality of finished plastic products. Such a valuable role requires more appreciation. During extrusion or molding, the polymer processing aid blends with base resin to decrease melt viscosity, improve melt flow, lubricate contacting machine parts, and reduce melt fracturing. This allows for faster cycles, higher output rates, and better-quality parts with reduced waste.

polymer processing aid

The Function of Polymer Processing Aid

Polymer processing aid is invaluable during the manufacturing process. It helps to optimize melt flow behavior and homogenization. It’s specially designed to address issues such as melt fracture and die build-up through two key functions.


  1. Reduce Friction between Polymer and Manufacturing Equipment

Polymer processing aids form a protective film between the melt and hot machine surfaces like barrel walls, screw shafts, and die lips. This film acts as a lubricant, decreasing interfacial adhesion and melting adhesion to surfaces. As a result, friction is reduced, which improves melt flow and prevents premature solidification or excessive drag on the melt.


  1. Reduce Friction within the Polymer Blend

Within the melt, a polymer processing aid works to reduce friction between individual polymer molecules and any filler particles present. It helps to break up agglomerations created during melting by lowering the melt viscosity. This facilitates uniform dispersion of materials and enhances melt strength for better processability. The reduced friction also enables efficient shearing action for thorough homogenization of the melt.


The Benefits of Polymer Processing Aid

By optimizing the melt behavior and flow during processing, plastic additives provide significant advantages for both processors and product quality. Their effects help to minimize common issues and maximize performance. Key benefits include:


  1. Reduced Melt Fracture

Polymer processing aid lowers the melt viscosity and surface tension, which prevents strain-induced fractures on the melt surface as it exits the die. This results in an improved surface appearance of final products with fewer imperfections.


  1. Reduced Die Build-up

The lubricating effect of processing aids at die walls and lips minimizes carbonized polymer deposits from accumulating over multiple production cycles. This reduces downtime for die maintenance and cleaning.


  1. Reduced Gel Formation

By enhancing melt homogenization, premature solidification is less likely to form and block melt flow. Machines can run longer between stops for cleaning.


  1. Improved Product Appearance

With reduced melt fracture and a smooth, non-sticky surface, molded parts exhibit an even, high-quality aesthetic with well-defined details.


  1. Increased Output

As melt flow issues are addressed, production rates are optimized through shorter cycles, fewer rejects, and less waste. Overall equipment efficiency and output improve as a result.


Shine Polymer Offers High-Value Polymer Processing Aid Products

Shine Polymer is a leading brand in the specialty chemicals domain. We leverage two decades of industry experience and a team of experienced R&D scientists to develop a wide variety of high-performance and cost-effective polymer processing aid solutions. Our products are custom-formulated to address specific needs across various resins and applications. Customers appreciate our offerings for unmatched quality, flexibility in customization, and consultative technical support.


At Shine Polymer, we offer a comprehensive range of polymer processing additives customized for various resin applications. The advantages of choosing us for these solutions include:

  • 20 years of industry experience and expertise in polymer additive solutions
  • ISO9001-certified high-quality and consistent manufacturing operations
  • State-of-the-art production facility meets stringent requirements
  • Products extensively tested and proven to deliver optimal processing results
  • Dedicated R&D team continuously develops innovative new solutions
  • Committed to sustainable practices and compliance with regulations

Shine Polymer


Polymer processing aids play a significant yet understated role in optimizing thermoplastic production and enhancing product attributes. By addressing various challenges encountered during melt processing, they facilitate higher output rates, reduced waste generation, and better cost efficiency. A premier brand in the industry like Shine Polymer with its vast portfolio and tailored solutions ensures thermoplastic producers derive maximum value from utilizing advanced processing aids. Contact us to learn more about our polymer processing additive solutions.

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