Safety First: The Crucial Role of PTFE Powder in Thermoplastics

Polytetrafluoroethylene powder, also known as PTFE or Teflon powder, is a high-performance synthetic fluoropolymer material. This micro-powder is widely used as coatings for diverse products. It possesses excellent temperature resistance, insulation, adhesion resistance, self-lubrication, etc., making it an essential polymer additive in thermoplastic formulas to optimize safety and manufacturing process. Read on to learn more about the significance of PTFE powder as an additive in thermoplastic production.

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Thermoplastics and Related Safety Risks

Modern material sciences have significantly advanced in recent years. Thermoplastic materials are now widely used in buildings, furniture, textiles, and commercial items. However, when exposed to high temperatures, these materials are highly flammable, spreading toxic gasses and causing injuries.[1]


Moreover, many thermoplastics tend to melt flow and drip under high temperatures, which increases the risks of fire hazards. For maximum safety, appropriate additives or chemical modifications in thermoplastics are usually mandatory.


The Essential Role of PTFE in Thermoplastics

In the thermoplastic FR rating test according to UL94 V1 and V0, the cotton indicator should not be ignited by the flaming particles and drops. In the industry PTFE fine powder is typically used in the FR formulations to improve the anti-dripping property. However, the virgin PTFE fine powder is hard to handle in the process and agglomerated PTFE will have dispersing problem in the compounding process. Bad dispersed PTFE causes inconsistent flame retardance performance and rough surface of molded parts.


Shine polymer Anti-dripping agent is encapsulated PTFE made with optimized fluoropolymer resin and through patented in situ polymerization. Optimized shell material of Anti-dripping agent offers excellent dispersion in various thermoplastic to make high quality molded parts, such as PC PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP and alloys.


Wide Applications of PTFE Powder 

PTFE is extensively used in the manufacturing of an extensive range of products; here are some examples from our everyday lives:


  1. Home Appliances

Teflon powder can impart drip-resistant properties to the surface plastic layer of household appliances, such as lighting fixtures, microwaves, etc. This ensures that even in the event of a short circuit, the overheating caused by overcurrent will not melt and drip the plastic layer of the lamp, thereby preventing the occurrence of fires.


  1. Electronics

PTFE powder can be used as a coating for electronics, such as laptops, cell phones, chargers, etc., in the event of overcharging and consequent overheating. Its low-friction property also provides a smooth glide for mice, tablets, and e-pens.


  1. Switches, Wires, and Cables

PTFE has a high resistance to heat, water, chemicals, and heavy wear and tear. It is widely used in insulation layers and coatings of wires, cables, and electrical switches due to its excellent electrical insulation.


Shine Polymer Provides Quality PTFE Powder

The role of PTFE in thermoplastics is crucial and should be paid attention to with utmost care. At Shine Polymer, we produce various profiles of PTFE powder and other polymer additives to provide strength and protection to hundreds of products. We offer eight types of Teflon powder to meet the varied needs of our clients. The key benefits of our Teflon powder include:


  1. Excellent Dispersability

The virgin PTFE powder can be hard to handle, and even the slightest inconsistency could affect its performance. We utilize highly optimized fluoropolymer resin that offers excellent dispersion in various thermoplastics to manufacture high-quality molded parts.


  1. Diverse Application

These anti-dripping agents are compatible with all kinds of thermoplastics, such as PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP, etc.


  1. UL 94 Standard

Adding our chemically modified additives ensures the plastics have enhanced anti-dripping properties to achieve UL 94 V0 and V1 standards.

Shine Polymer


Thermoplastic-layered products are an integral part of our everyday lives. To ensure the maximum safety of people and the security of products, the use of quality anti-dripping agents in thermoplastic manufacturing is essential. Shine Polymer is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic additives and is continuously innovating to provide cutting-edge polymer solutions for various industries. Contact us today for premium-quality PTFE powder and other polymer additives.



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