Come and Try Anti-Dripping Agent with Shine Polymer for the Powerful PTFE Powder

Embark on a journey of impact and quality with Shine Polymer, a company that has redefined standards in polymer additives manufacturing. Established in 2003, Shine Polymer’s Shinepoly® series has become a hallmark of quality in the industry, contributing to advancements across diverse sectors. As we navigate the realm of polymer additives, discover how Shine Polymer’s commitment to quality, technical expertise, and industry contributions make it a pivotal player, leaving an indelible impact on the landscape of polymer manufacturing.

Lightspots of Anti-Dripping Agent

Shine Polymer promises safety in polymer applications through our outstanding PTFE powder. Immerse yourself in the numerous benefits provided by our anti-dripping agents, guaranteeing heightened safety across diverse thermoplastic materials.  Shinepoly SN3310 is one of the products of anti-dripping agents and also a series of chemically modified PTFE granular, which is a highly dispersible and easily handleable material. At room temperature, agglomerating SN3310 is difficult. The SN3310-molded pieces have a smooth surface with fewer knitlines and gels.With our product, you can enjoy unparalleled peace of mind as it adheres to the most rigorous industry benchmarks for quality and purity. Experience the reassurance that comes from our commitment to excellence, as we redefine what it means to prioritize safety in the realm of polymer additives. We can ensure that Shine Polymer to deliver exceptional solutions that elevate the standards of safety in polymer applications.


Why We Choose Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE powder is renowned for its exceptional lubrication properties, creating a low-friction surface. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where reduced friction and smooth operation are crucial. The extraordinary endurance of PTFE at extreme temperatures is demonstrated. Because it can tolerate high temperatures without changing its physical characteristics, it can be used in harsh contexts like industrial, automotive, and aerospace sectors.


Applications Redefined

Delve into the diverse applications of our PTFE powder. From PC to ABS, our anti-dripping agents find our place across industries, ensuring safety and quality.  Electronic Appliances is one of the main field that applys anti-dripping agent. PTFE powder is a ideal material typically used in the FR formulations to improve the anti-dripping property. Shine Polymer’s commitment to excellence shines through as we empower your materials with enhanced functionalities.



In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s PTFE powder is more than a conventional anti-dripping agent—it represents a transformative advancement in the polymer industry. Enhance your materials, prioritize safety, and embrace the cutting-edge of polymer technology by choosing Shine Polymer. Experience the difference and embrace a future where excellence and innovation converge in polymer applications.

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