Enhancing PE Processing with Shine Polymer’s Advanced Additives

At Shine Polymer, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the polymer additives industry with our innovative solutions. As a leading provider of high-value additives for plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals, we take pride in offering products that cater to various industries’ needs. Today, we delve into the world of PE processing aids and how Shine Polymer’s advanced additives can elevate your manufacturing processes.

Understanding PE Processing Aids

Polyethylene (PE is a versatile plastic widely used in various applications, including pipe, wire, cable and packaging. However, PE’s processing can present challenges such as melt fracture, uneven flow, and surface defects. This is where PE processing aids play a crucial role. These additives improve PE’s processing characteristics, enhancing its flowability, surface finish, and overall performance.


Shine Polymer’s Innovative Solutions

Rheopoly ® PE Processing Aids

Our Rheopoly ® series includes specialized additives designed to address the specific challenges encountered in PE processing. With our PE processing aids, manufacturers can experience smoother extrusion processes, reduced melt fracture, and improved surface quality. Whether you’re producing PE pipes or packaging materials, Shine Polymer’s additives ensure optimal performance and efficiency.


Benefits of Shine Polymer’s PE Processing Aids

Enhanced Flowability: Rheopoly® additives facilitate better flow of PE melt, minimizing processing issues such as melt fracture and die buildup.

Improved Surface Finish: By reducing surface defects and enhancing gloss, our PE processing aids contribute to the production of high-quality end products.

Increased Productivity: With smoother processing and reduced downtime, manufacturers can achieve higher production rates and improved efficiency.

Cost Savings: By optimizing PE processing, Shine Polymer’s additives help reduce waste and enhance yield, leading to cost savings in production.


Application in Various Industries

Shine Polymer’s PE processing aids find extensive application across industries, including:

Food Packaging: With a focus on safety and compliance, Shine Polymer’s additives ensure the efficient processing of PE materials used in food packaging.

Petrochemical Industry: Shine Polymer’s PE processing aids contribute to the smooth extrusion of PE compounds in petrochemical processes, ensuring consistent quality and performance.



In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s advanced PE processing aids are essential additives for manufacturers seeking to optimize their PE extrusion processes. With our innovative solutions, we empower businesses in the engineering plastics, food packaging, and petrochemical industries to achieve superior results with their PE-based products. Experience the difference with Shine Polymer’s additives and unlock the full potential of your PE processing operations.


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