Enhancing Your Business with Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent – The Power of modified PTFE granulars

 Enhancing Quality and Performance with Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent

At Shine Polymer, we take pride in introducing our revolutionary product, Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent, a high-performance chemically modified PTFE granulars. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we have optimized the formulation of our encapsulated PTFE through patented in situ polymerization, resulting in an exceptional product that offers excellent dispersion in various thermoplastics.

The Power of Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent

When it comes to creating high-quality molded parts, Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent is your go-to solution. This innovative product enhances the performance of a broad range of thermoplastic materials, such as PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP, and alloys. By incorporating our optimized shell material into the formulation, you can achieve superior dispersion, ensuring the production of flawless molded parts.

Improved Performance with Encapsulated PTFE

Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent’s encapsulation process ensures that the PTFE powder is effectively distributed throughout the thermoplastic compound. This comprehensive dispersion guarantees outstanding anti-dripping properties, allowing for smooth and efficient molding processes. With our optimized fluoropolymer resin, you can achieve enhanced performance and maintain the integrity of the final product.

Ease of Integration into Plastic Compounds

Our Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent simplifies the manufacturing process by allowing direct addition into the plastic compound extrusion. Its compatibility with various thermoplastics makes it a versatile choice for different applications. Whether you’re working with PC, PA, PPO, PBT, ABS, HIPS, PP, or alloys, integrating Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent requires minimal adjustment, providing efficiency and convenience in your production line.

Optimal Concentration for Maximum Results

To achieve the best results, Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent should be added at concentrations ranging from 0.1% to 1% in the formulation. This concentration ensures optimal dispersion and anti-dripping properties without compromising other essential characteristics of the thermoplastic. With Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent, you can maintain the balance between preventing dripping and preserving the overall integrity of the molded parts.


In conclusion, Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent, our encapsulated PTFE powder, is a game-changer in the industry. With its optimized fluoropolymer resin and patented in situ polymerization, it offers exceptional dispersion and anti-dripping properties in various thermoplastic applications. By incorporating Shinepoly® Anti-dripping Agent into your plastic compounds, you can enhance the quality and performance of your molded parts. Choose Shine Polymer, your trusted partner, for all your anti-dripping needs, and experience the difference that Shinepoly® brings.

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