Shine Polymer: A Navigator in Exploring Polymer Processing Aid

Welcome to the forefront of polymer innovation with Shine Polymer. As pioneers in the industry since 2003, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing high-value polymer products, and today, we shine a light on our cutting-edge polymer processing aid. So far, we have launched more than a dozen ppa processing aid products. As a proactive explorer in polymer processing aids, we are so delighted and honored to present out cutting-edge Rheopoly® series, which are based on fluoropolymer and are specifically engineered to improve polyolefin material extrusion.

A Basic Understanding of Our Products

Shinepoly® PPA 3511 is an advanced polymer processing aid meticulously designed by Shine Polymer to elevate the extrusion performance of thermoplastics, particularly in low melt index linear polyolefins (LLDPE, HDPE, and m-PE). This white granular fluoropolymer-based processing aid stands out for its exceptional ability to enhance the extrusion process without compromising the original physical properties of plastics.


Preservation of Physical Properties

The inclusion of PPA 3511 has no detrimental impact on the inherent physical properties of plastics, preserving sealing, adhesion, and printing attributes. This crucial feature ensures that the final plastic products maintain desired characteristics without compromise. By incorporating PPA 3511, manufacturers can enhance the functionality and performance of plastics while preserving essential qualities. We assure that the addition of PPA 3511 from Shine Polymer enables the production of high-quality plastic goods that meet the intended specifications and deliver exceptional performance in various applications.


What Makes PPA 3511 Beneficial

The incorporation of PPA 3511 from Shine Polymer offers a range of significant benefits. It improves the surface quality of films by eliminating melt fracture, resulting in a smoother and more refined appearance. Additionally, PPA 3511 reduces downtime by minimizing die build-up, thereby enhancing overall production efficiency. The processing aid also enhances pigment dispersion, leading to more uniform coloring across extrudates. Moreover, PPA 3511 boosts output during extrusion, promoting energy-efficient production practices and contributing to potential energy savings. With these advantages, Shine Polymer’s PPA 3511 is a valuable addition to polymer processing, offering improved results and operational efficiency.



Our product of ppa processing aids stands as a testament to Shine Polymer’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that optimize polymer processing across various applications. Its tailored benefits make it a valuable addition to the manufacturing processes of diverse industries. In navigating the realms of polymer extrusion, Shine Polymer’s PPA Processing Aid stands as a beacon of excellence. We are always here for you to experience the transformative benefits as we redefine polymer processing together.


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