Unlock the Potential of Shine Polymer: Discover the Power of Additives for Polymers

As leaders in the polymer industry, we at Shine Polymer are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance the performance and versatility of polymers. Introducing Rheopoly® PPA3511, our groundbreaking processing additive for polymers. This white granular additive is designed to improve thermoplastic extrusion while preserving the original physical properties of the plastics, as well as enhancing sealing, adhesion, and printing. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional qualities of Rheopoly® PPA3511 and how it can transform your polymer manufacturing processes.

Unleashing the Power of Additives for Polymers

Additives for polymers play a vital role in enhancing the performance and functionality of plastic materials. These additives offer a range of benefits, such as improved processing, enhanced physical properties, and superior surface characteristics. Among these additives, Rheopoly® PPA3511 stands out as an exceptional choice for optimizing thermoplastic extrusion.

Introducing Rheopoly® PPA3511: The Perfect Processing Additive

Rheopoly® PPA3511 is a free-flowing, white granular additive specifically developed to improve the extrusion process of thermoplastics. With its unique formulation, this processing additive for polymers acts as a lubricant and flow enhancer, ensuring smooth and efficient extrusion without compromising the integrity of the original polymer.

Enhancing Performance at a Low Level Addition

At an incredibly low dosage level (100-500 ppm), Rheopoly® PPA3511 demonstrates remarkable results. It improves thermoplastic extrusion while maintaining the original physical properties of the plastics, including strength, flexibility, and durability. Additionally, this processing additive enhances sealing, adhesion, and printing, allowing for greater design possibilities.

Excellent Thermal Stability and Dispersion

Rheopoly® PPA3511 sets itself apart with its exceptional thermal stability, making it suitable for a wide range of processing temperatures. This processing additive is designed to withstand high temperatures without degradation, ensuring consistent performance throughout the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Rheopoly® PPA3511 is easy to disperse, allowing for seamless integration into various polymer formulations.

Revolutionizing Polymer Manufacturing Processes

With Rheopoly® PPA3511, polymer manufacturers can optimize their extrusion processes, resulting in improved production efficiency and product quality. By incorporating this processing additive into their formulations, manufacturers can achieve enhanced flow properties, reduced melt fracture, improved dimensional stability, and superior surface finish. Rheopoly® PPA3511 unlocks the potential to elevate your polymer products to new heights.


Incorporating additives for polymers is a game-changer for the polymer industry, and Rheopoly® PPA3511 leads the way in optimizing thermoplastic extrusion. With its white granular form, this processing additive effortlessly enhances flow properties, seals, adhesion, and printing capabilities. At an extremely low addition level, Rheopoly® PPA3511 delivers exceptional results while preserving the original physical properties of the plastics. Experience the transformative power of Rheopoly® PPA3511 and witness the revolution it brings to your polymer manufacturing processes. Choose Shine Polymer for innovative additives that unlock the true potential of polymers.

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