Maximizing Extrusion Efficiency with Rheopoly®PPA Thermoplastic Additive

Welcome to Shine Polymer, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the plastics industry. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our brand term, Rheopoly®PPA, a series of fluoropolymer-based processing aids designed to revolutionize thermoplastic extrusion. With Rheopoly®PPA as your trusted thermoplastic additive, you can optimize your extrusion processes and achieve exceptional results.


Streamlining the Extrusion Process with Rheopoly®PPA

Rheopoly®PPA is a highly effective thermoplastic additive that significantly improves the extrusion process, particularly in low MI liner polyolefin materials. Our fluoropolymer-based processing aids act as lubricants, reducing friction and enhancing the flow properties of thermoplastic compounds, resulting in smoother extrusion and superior end products.

Versatility Across Thermoplastic Extrudates

With Rheopoly®PPA, you have a versatile thermoplastic additive suitable for all extrudates of LLDPE, HDPE, mLLDPE, LDPE, PP, and other thermoplastics. Whether you’re working on film extrusion, pipe extrusion, or profile extrusion, the benefits of Rheopoly®PPA extend to a wide range of applications, ensuring consistent performance across different thermoplastic materials.

Enhancing Film Surface Quality

One of the key advantages of integrating Rheopoly®PPA into your thermoplastic compounds is the improved film surface quality it provides. By eliminating melt fracture, which can lead to surface imperfections and reduced product integrity, Rheopoly®PPA ensures a smooth and flawless finish. Your films will exhibit enhanced visual appeal and structural integrity, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Reducing Downtime with Die Build-Up Prevention

Another significant benefit of using Rheopoly®PPA is its ability to prevent die build-up during the extrusion process. The fluoropolymer-based additive inhibits the accumulation of unwanted residues on the die surface, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. By minimizing die build-up, Rheopoly®PPA helps maintain consistent extrusion rates and ensures a continuous and efficient production flow.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Thermoplastic Extrusion

By choosing Rheopoly®PPA as your preferred thermoplastic additive, you can unlock the full potential of your extrusion processes. Our fluoropolymer-based processing aids are meticulously engineered to optimize thermoplastic flow, resulting in improved productivity, higher throughput, and enhanced product quality. With Rheopoly®PPA, you have a reliable partner in achieving exceptional results in your extrusion operations.


In conclusion, Rheopoly®PPA, our series of fluoropolymer-based thermoplastic additives, offers unmatched benefits to streamline and enhance the extrusion process. From improving film surface quality to preventing die build-up, Rheopoly®PPA optimizes thermoplastic flow and maximizes productivity. At Shine Polymer, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable our customers to excel in the plastics industry. Choose Rheopoly®PPA and experience the transformative power of our thermoplastic additive.What’s more, Shine Polymer would like to express its appreciation to all of its clients and partners for their unwavering support and faith as the Thanksgiving Day draws near.

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