Polymer Additives Manufacturer in Illinois

Hey there! Let me explain to you how Shine Polymer, a leading polymer additives manufacturer based in Illinois, works.

Shine Polymer – Enhancing Your Polymers

Shine Polymer is a renowned ISO9001 certified and high-tech enterprise that specializes in manufacturing polymer additives. With a vast production facility spanning an area of 35,051 square meters, they have the capacity to produce 14,000 MT/year of Impact Modifier, 3,000 MT/year of Anti-dripping agent, and 2,000 MT/year of Polymer Processing Aids. Their products find applications in various industries such as plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals.

Market Promotion

Shine Polymer focuses on promoting its products extensively in the market. They employ strategic marketing techniques to reach out to potential customers and showcase the benefits of their polymer additives. Through effective advertising campaigns and participation in industry events and exhibitions worldwide, they ensure maximum visibility for their brand.

Export Country

Their dedication to quality has enabled Shine Polymer to expand its presence globally. They export their top-notch polymer additives to numerous countries around the world. By establishing strong partnerships with international distributors and maintaining excellent customer service standards overseas,

Coverage of Product

The product range offered by Shine Polymer covers a wide spectrum within the field of polymer additives. From impact modifiers that enhance toughness and durability to anti-dripping agents that improve fire resistance properties; from processing aids that facilitate smoother manufacturing processes to other specialized chemical solutions – Shine Polymer has got it all covered!


The exceptional quality offered by Shine Polymer has attracted a diverse range of customers across different industries. Their clientele includes manufacturers of plastic products, rubber components, and electronic appliances. By catering to the specific needs of each customer segment, Shine Polymer has built a strong reputation for delivering reliable and effective polymer additives.


The applications of Shine Polymer’s additives are vast and varied. Let’s take a look at some key areas:

Electronic Appliances

Shinepoly® ASA is widely used in automotive materials. It is recommended for use in high gloss PC/ASA, PMMA/ASA, and ASA applications. This additive finds its way into painted automotive parts, electrical/electronic components, appliances, business machines, lawn and garden equipment, as well as recreational vehicles where a sleek appearance is desired.

Extrusion Process Additives

In extrusion processes like film production or pipe manufacturing, Shine Polymer offers specialized additives that improve the overall efficiency and quality of the process. These additives help reduce defects such as melt fracture or die build-up while enhancing productivity.


Polymer additives play a crucial role in the automotive industry by improving the performance and aesthetics of various vehicle components. Whether it’s impact modifiers for bumpers or anti-dripping agents for interior trims – Shine Polymer provides tailor-made solutions to meet the demanding requirements of this sector.

To sum it up, Shine Polymer stands out as an exceptional polymer additives manufacturer based in Illinois. With their extensive product range covering impact modifiers to processing aids along with their commitment to quality assurance standards,

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